Winwash A.S.C

Winwash A.S.C 5

Thorough and efficient privacy cleaner


  • Fast and efficient
  • Cleans a wide range of file types


  • Offers nothing that other cleaners can't do

Not bad

Winwash A.S.C, also known as ASC, gives your PC the kind of clean that you need after hours and hours of surfing on the internet and opening documents and files on your PC. It deletes more than 20 types of files from web addresses, history, recent documents (such as in eMule, WinZip, Firefox etc) to temporary files.

It uses a system called Action Surf Cool (ASC) with which to remove the files to clean a whole host of issues. In essence, it's a very simple program, light on resources and very fast at scanning. The interface is very simple and you simply click to scan and the results, divided by category, are presented clearly.

However, it's not exactly special. There are plenty of programs out there that will do the same job, the best being CCleaner. However, it's a useful alternative if you've found that other cleaners haven't performed the job you hoped.

Winwash A.S.C cleans the parts that other cleaners don't by including everything from temporary files to recently opened documents.

Make sure your PC is always clean of malware and disk hogging temp files with Winwash A.S.C.

Winwash A.S.C


Winwash A.S.C 5

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